• Future Terrains is a social enterprise dedicated to tackling the challenges posed by degraded lands. We offer services for improving social and environmental performance, achieving compliance and promoting landscape restoration to rebuild ecological integrity and improve people’s lives.

  • The production of new degraded lands can be reduced now by improving environmental and social management. Future Terrains works to reduce future legacies left for others to address by working with natural resources stakeholders to deliver better practice.

    Environmental & social management
  • Land degradation is one of global society’s major environmental challenges, directly affecting the lives and futures of millions around the world. We work collaboratively to apply our first hand knowledge of many of the world’s leading restoration projects to address this challenge.

    Landscape restoration
  • Future Terrains’ expertise focuses on the natural resources sector, in particular mine closure and abandoned mines, ranging from sectoral initiatives to developing and implementing site-specific plans.

    Mine closure & legacy
  • Future Terrains works on maximising opportunity and minimising risk to ensure that organisational environmental and social management priorities fit with the expectations of other stakeholders, and with the goal of combating land degradation.

    CSR & sustainable development
  • In Future Terrains Photography we interpret landscapes affected by people, telling both negative and positive stories of changing places, people and communities, often with a deliberately raw perspective. We specialise in photographic studies of landscape restoration in action.


I am rather chuffed to announce that Future Terrains has been officially recognised as a social enterprise by Social Enterprise UK. Check out the badge! SEUK_socialenterprise_badge_350x161